Solar Control Window Films

Hostaphan® Polyester Films

Mitsubishi Chemical America, Inc. offers a complete portfolio of polyester film products to support the global solar control window film market. Hostaphan® polyester film is approved for most solar control window film applications including: safety, security, solar control, shades and release liners. Hostaphan® polyester film is the leading choice of polyester film by window film converters worldwide.

Hostaphan® polyester film products deliver the following superior product attributes:
  • Brilliant clarity and color
  • Low haze
  • Extremely smooth surface
  • Optimized shrinkage
  • Superior handling characteristics
  • Chemical resistance
  • Excellent flatness
  • Ultra thin, highly cured coatings
Hostaphan® polyester film products are used in automotive and architectural (flat glass) solar control applications. Hostaphan® polyester film product categories for window film are as follows:
  • Solar control film
  • UV blocking film
  • Window film release liner
  • PET liner base film
  • Paint protection release liner
Please see our window film product portfolio listed below:
Product Key Customer Attributes
PET Liner Base Film
4365N Clear base film for silicone release coatings
4375 Coextruded clear base film for silicone release coatings
Silicone Coated Window Film Liners
4365NK Clear base, medium release
4375K Very clear base, easy release
4WLKN Very clear, medium release, ultra smooth on coated side
7BLK, 7SLK, 74SLK Ultra-clear base, medium release
43MLK Very clear base, tight release
Matte Release Film
MTHL Uncoated matte base film
MTHLK Matte base, medium release
Solar Control Films
7211A Ultra-clear film for dyeing applications, one side coated for hardcoat adhesion
7333A Ultra-clear film for sputter & vacuum metallizing, one side coated for hardcoat adhesion
UV Blocking Film
7333UV Ultra-clear UV blocking film, one side coated for hardcoat adhesion

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