Films for Building Products

Hostaphan® Polyester Films

Mitsubishi Chemical America, Inc. offers a large portfolio of film products to support products for the building market.

Product categories of Hostaphan® polyester film that are key to the building products include the following:
  • UV stabilized film
  • Release liners for shingles and peel and stick membranes
  • Plain films for fiberglass molding
  • Voided film
  • Matte film
  • White film
Hostaphan® polyester films are used in a variety of applications for the construction industry:
  • Shingle release liner
  • Peel and stick release liner
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Adhesive pads for carpet tile installation
  • Acoustical panels
  • Ceiling panels
  • Solar control window film
Please see the Hostaphan® building product portfolio listed below:
Product Key Customer Attributes
General Purpose
2261N Plain film for fiberglass molding, thin
4507 Two-side primed film for adhesion, thick
MT01 Matte film, thin and intermediate
W270 White film, thin and thick
Specialty Applications
7333UV UV protected film, thin
Release Liner for Building Products
2ECKN One-side print primed, opposite side siliconized shingle release, thin
2SR0N Plain shingle release, thin
2ERKN Siliconized shingle release, thin

Additional products may be available for your application. Please contact your Polyester Film Sales Representative for more information.

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