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Welcome to Mitsubishi Chemical America, Inc. Recognized as a global leader and one of the largest suppliers of polyester (PET-polyethylene terephthalate) film in the world, the Polyester Film Division is your partner of choice for a wide range of high-quality customized Diafoil® and Hostaphan® brand PET films. Our knowledge and expertise can provide the perfect solution for a product design, manufacturing, logistics, or process challenge.

To further our commitment to sustainability, Mitsubishi has developed a revolutionary recycling program called Reprocess®.  As the industry leader in silicone coated PET film, we have collected spent liner material from pressure sensitive label and liner customers and downstream users. Using breakthrough technology Mitsubishi can reprocess the waste liner stream into first quality release liners with up to 25% post-industrial recycled material.

Partnering with Mitsubishi ensures working with a supplier who has a local and global network of researchers on the cutting edge of PET innovation. Whether your challenge is product or service related, we commit to bringing you new ideas to discover the next ground-breaking solution for Your business.

Your solutions are right here . . . at Mitsubishi Chemical America!

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