General Information

Mitsubishi Chemical America, Inc. is a global leader and among the largest suppliers of polyester (PET- polyethylene terephthalate) film in the world. Our growth in the polyester film business is a direct result of our worldwide resources and our desire to be your quality supplier of choice.

For more than 50 years, we have built on the global polyester business experience of the Polyester Film Division and its parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, creating unique engineered PET solutions to satisfy our customers´ requirements.

On Mitsubishi´s 193-acre site in Greer, SC, is an autonomous facility that houses the administrative, manufacturing, R&D, and marketing headquarters for the production of our Hostaphan® polyester film. This facility covers more than a million square feet and employs approximately 500 full-time and 100 contract employees – each committed to your satisfaction and our mutual success. In addition to our 24 – hour manufacturing processes, we provide inline coating and co-extrusion capabilities at our Greer site that allow us to provide a broad range of value-added performance options for our Hostaphan® products.