Medical Applications

Mitsubishi Polyester Film offers polyester film products that provide excellent performance characteristics suitable for use in medical applications. Hostaphan® polyester films have excellent attributes and performance for a wide variety of medical and drug packaging end uses.

The physical properties of Hostaphan® polyester film have made it a preferred material for medical applications.
  • Dimensional stability
  • Thermal stability
  • Excellent flatness
  • Solvent resistance
  • Superior handling characteristics
  • Chemical resistance
  • Optimized shrinkage
  • Manufactured in a clean environment
With its flexibility and unique performance attributes, Hostaphan® polyester film has many benefits for the medical market.
  • Matte and Silicone release film
  • In-line silicone adherable primed filmed for silicone adhesive drugs
  • Release liners with low silicone transfer
  • Release film for hydrogel electrodes & advanced wound care
  • Filtration & drug reaction bags
  • Diagnostic test strips
  • Domestic sourcing available
  • Drug Master File/Regulatory support
Market End Use Gauges Key Customer Attributes
Protective Face Shields 400 – 650 Two side treated to prevent fogging
Release Liners for transdermal patches and hydrogels 48 – 500 Clear and matte, silicone coated, treated for silicone bond
Medical Diagnostics 300, 500 White and clear, treated or untreated
General Medical 48 – 700 Clear, matte, and white, treated and untreated