Industrial Films

Hostaphan® Polyester Films

Mitsubishi Chemical America, Inc. offers polyester film products that provide excellent performance characteristics suitable for use in industrial applications. Hostaphan® polyester films have excellent attributes and performance for a wide variety of industrial uses.  Hostaphan® polyester films are the choice of industrial converters worldwide.

The physical properties of Hostaphan® polyester film have made it a preferred material for the industrial market.
  • Dimensional stability
  • Thermal stability
  • Excellent flatness
  • Solvent resistance
  • Superior handling characteristics
  • Chemical resistance
  • Optimized shrinkage
  • Manufactured in a clean environment
With its flexibility and unique performance attributes, Hostaphan® polyester film can accommodate a variety of uses.
  • General purpose
  • Roll leaf
  • Protective face shield
  • Window box
  • Casting liners
  • Paint protection
Please see the Hostaphan® polyester film products for industrial applications below:
Market End Use Key Customer Attributes
General Purpose
2262N Untreated, high strength
3901 Clear film for general purpose uses
3LD4 Clear, one side adherable
4TL0N Very clear, excellent handleability
4407 Ultra-clear, one side adherable
4507 Ultra-clear, two side adherable
MT02 Medium gloss matte
V270 Voided untreated film
V54B Cavitated, translucent, white film
W270 White, opaque, uncoated film
W54B White, opaque, two side adherable
Roll Leaf
2262N Untreated, high strength
MT01, MT02 Medium gloss matte
SLZ1 Low gloss matte
Protective Face Shield
4FOG Two side treated to prevent fogging
Window Box
4WB4 Excellent clarity, one side treated
4WB5 Excellent clarity, two side treated
Casting Liners
MT44 Dual surface casting film, one side smooth, one side rough, excellent handleability
2VC4N Smooth casting surface, excellent handleability
39RL Non-silicone release surface, excellent handleability
3ACK Ceramic casting liner designed for water based slurry
2EA5N Smooth casting surface for thermoplastics
Silicone Adhesion
2SABN, 2SACN Clear films treated for enhanced adhesion to silicone coatings
3SAB, 3SAC Ultra-clear films treated for enhanced adhesion to silicone coatings
Paint Protection
MTHL Matte base film
MTHLK Matte film, one-side coated for premium easy release

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