Silicone Release Films

Hostaphan® Polyester Films

Hostaphan® silicone coated PET films are characterized by their outstanding release properties in combination with inherent polyester film characteristics such as high mechanical strength, low shrinkage, clarity and chemical resistance.

Extremely high levels of curing of the silicone layer on the PET film minimizes the issue of back side transfer, which is known to be present in most off line coated release materials. The silicone system is extremely well anchored to the film surface. The release force of our film is tuned to fit most standard adhesives (in particular water based acrylic adhesives), but can be adjusted to customer needs over a wide range from easy to tight release.

Our silicone release film is used in applications such as:
  • Release liner for pressure sensitive labels
  • Release liner for shingle release
  • Release liner for cast polymer materials
  • Process liner for adhesive tape manufacturing
  • Release film in electronic applications
  • Process liner where a separation is needed during manufacturing or storage
  • Release liner in the production of ceramic capacitors
  • Release liner for the window film market
Product Types Gauges Key Customers Attributes
Window Film Release Liners
74SLK, 7BLK, 7SLK 92 Ultra clear window film release liner
4365NK 92 – 200 Medium clarity window film release liner
4375K 92 Very clear window film release liner
4WLKN 92 High clarity window film release liner
43MLK 92 Clear window film release liner, one side low static for improved slip
MTHLK 300 Window film release liner with matte surface
Building Product Liners
2ERKN 48 Shingle release liner
Pressure Sensitive Liners
2SLKN 48 – 200, 500 Release liner designed for emulsion adhesives
22PKN 92 – 200 Versatile release liner for emulsion and solvent adhesives with backside control slip coating
215KN 92 – 142, 300 Release liner designed for special solvent based adhesive system
2PR0KN 92 – 142 Versatile release liner without backside control slip coating
2PRKN 92 – 200 One side silicone treated film for release liner applications
2LRKN 92, 118 Release liner with specially formulated for easy release to acrylic emulsion adhesives
22LRKN 118 Special easier release film with backside control slip coating
Industrial General Purpose Liners
2MDKN 118 – 200 One side silicone coated for higher release force applications
22MKN 142, 200 Two side differential release liner product
2HLKN 200 – 700 Thick release liner designed for the medical neurostimulator market
MLCC Electronic Liners
3ACK 200 Low TD shrink, release liner for ceramic casting

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