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Hostaphan®- the ideal barrier film

From polyester film to barrier film
Hostaphan®- the ideal barrier film

With HOSTAPHAN® RHBY Mitsubishi Polyester Film developed a specialty film for sensitive goods which demand an even higher oxygen or water vapour barrier or flavour preservation. Metallized RHBY achieves an up to 10 times higher oxygen and water vapour barrier compared to metallized standard PET.

Design, functionality and convenience drive the modern packaging markets. The purchase decision of the consumer can be improved if he sees what is inside the packaging. This is driving the demand for transparent barrier materials. The market is traditionally dominated by expensive and sensitive products like PvdC, EVOH or PVOH. The alternative is a film with transparent ceramic barrier layers like SiOx or AlOx. Such ceramic layers are applied in a separate step and offer transparency, very high gas barrier without loosing the flexibility and excellent mechanical properties of the polyester film, and retorting is also possible. The demand of the consumer to see the packed material without loosing flavour, colour or vitamins is fostering the growth of HOSTAPHAN® RHBY since it is hard to impossible to beat the excellent gas barrier properties of HOSTAPHAN® RHBY with ceramic barrier layers.   

If there are questions concerning our product range and especially gas barrier films do not hesitate to contact our specialist Dr. B. Janssens. You can reach B. Janssens under 0049 (0)611 962 6523.

Shelf life and the protection of sensitive packed goods are increasingly important in modern packaging applications. High diffusion barrier to protect the packed goods from various external influences, especially oxygen and water vapour barrier, is a crucial topic in food packaging and other industries.

We offer a variety of polyester barrier film types with excellent gas barrier properties under the HOSTAPHAN® brand. The oxygen barrier of transparent polyester barrier film is by far better than competitive film materials like oriented polypropylene or polyethylene.  This, together with its superior surface and mechanical properties, is why polyester film is a basic part of Duplex and Triplex barrier film laminates (e.g. PE/PET or PE/PET/ALU). Such laminates are used for example in coffee, soup or dressing packaging or pet food pouches.  Even retorting is possible without loosing the excellent barrier properties. 

Is an improvement of the gas barrier of plain polyester film possible? The answer is a clear Yes. Metallized polyester film has a significantly improved oxygen and flavour / aroma barrier over plain polyester film. Metallized film usually has an aluminium layer applied by vacuum metallization. Metallization also gives the additional advantage of a strong increase in the water vapour barrier of the polyester film.