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Hostaphan ® the base for TTR

Hostaphan® Polyester Films

Mitsubishi Polyester Film offers the most complete portfolio of film products to support the worldwide thermal lamination film market. Hostaphan® polyester film is currently used in a wide variety of lamination applications in order to deliver food and products safe and contained. Hostaphan® polyester film is the leading choice of polyester film by laminating converters around the world.

Our Hostaphan® film products deliver the following superior product attributes:

  • Superb Processability
  • Good Dimensional Stability
  • Great Handling Characteristics
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Solvent Resistance
  • Good Heat Stability
  • Exceptional Strength

Hostaphan® thermal lamination films are available in a wide variety of thicknesses for many applications. Please see our Hostaphan® film product portfolio listed below:

Product Type Gauges Key Customer Attributes
General Purpose
2240N 48-142 Excellent slip, good dimension stability, two side hot shoe slip
Solvent Adherable
4407 200-700 Clear, One side coated to provide enhanced adhesion
4507 200-700 Clear, Two side coated to provide enhanced adhesion
4LD4 92-200 Clear, One side coated for improved adhesion
Scratch Resistant
4LAP 200-700 Clear, one side coated for adhesion, one side coated for scratch resistance
4TLM 200-700 Clear, one side coated for scratch resistance
Slip Modified
4TL0N 57-200 Clear, two side slip modified for improved handleability
UV Stabilized Films
7UVM 200-650 One side co-polyester coated UV protected film, one side slip modified
Matte Film
MT01 48 Uncoated matte film
White Film
W54B 200-700 Two side coated film for improved adhesion