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Applications for aUV-stabilized Film

Electrical Film
Hostaphan® for electrical insulation

Mitsubishi Polyester Film offers polyester film products that provide unique performance characteristics that are suitable for use in the electrical and electronic market. Many of our Hostaphan® polyester films are UL Recognized for use in a wide variety of electrical applications.

The physical properties of polyester film have made it the preferred material for the electrical market.

Please see the Hostaphan® polyester film products for electrical applications below:

  Gauges Key Customer Attributes
Wire and cable wrap
2262 200-500 Wire and cable film
Shrink tubing
4707 460 Specially treated to resist static and ensure cleanliness
2LS0N 92 Balanced medium shrinkage
2MS0N 65, 150 Balanced high shrinkage
2US0LV 200 Unbalanced high shrinkage

Additional products may be available for your application. Please contact your Mitsubishi Polyester Film sales representative or call (864) 879-5446 for more information.